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Octopod Playset 8 Pieces

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(8 customer reviews)


About this item

  • Fans of the Octonauts are going to love this Exclusive Mega Playset Bundle!
    Adventure Above & Beyond with the iconic Octocrew HQ – the Octopod Playset with Net Launcher, Claw and Spyglass accessories!
  • The Exclusive Octonauts Mega Playset Bundle includes Gup-A!
    8 Piece Set: 3″ Captain Barnacles, 3″ Tweak, 2.5″ Barrot the Vegimal, Gup-A, 3 Creatures (Barracuda, Starfish & Turtle), and a Mission Card.
  • Works with all Deluxe Vehicles & Figures.
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All-New Adventures

The Octonauts are a team of adventurers who explore the world’s oceans to rescue aquatic & land creatures and save their habitats. Now the Octonauts have expanded their exploration beyond the sea – and onto land. With new rides and new friends, they are prepared to protect any habitats and creatures at risk on land or under the water.

Collect All The Octo-Minis

There are 8 Octonauts Octo-Minis Collectible Figures to collect, all based off the characters and creatures from the Octonauts Above & Beyond Series. Each Figure is highly detailed with some posing using their equipment and others wearing their famous uniforms.

Join In On The Adventure

The highly popular animated series Octonauts has over 5 Seasons of content available on Netflix & YouTube. Stream and access it anytime with your children and share the fun adventures together with your child. Then make your own adventures with them using all the Octonauts Figures and Playsets at home!

Fun, Adventure And Educational

Octonauts Above & Beyond is not only a program full of fun, exciting adventures with the Octo-Crew but it is also loaded with educational content about animals, the environment & more. It teaches children about the fragility of our amazing planet and how we need to care for it and its creatures.

Additional information

Weight 8.8 lbs
Dimensions 5.12 × 15.5 × 8.5 in

8 reviews for Octopod Playset 8 Pieces

  1. mrsd

    Teaches children about undersea animal adventures

  2. lynn

    The package arrived on its original package. It was smash a little. However, there is no damage to the toy.My daughter loves Octopod series. The assembling is very easy. My six year old is able to assemble it on her own. It comes with three characters and few animals in the package. I was surprise the it comes with auto mini. It is a good plus for my daughter to play with her friends. The quality of the toy is alright. Not super impressive, but not dollar tree material either. It is a great gift idea since it comes in a big box

  3. RetailTherapy

    This Octopod play set was a hit with my kids. Octonauts is one of their favorite shows so this was an easy decision to get. The play set is great for imaginative play. I really like that it also comes with the Gup A vehicle and three characters Captain Barnacles, Tweak and Barrot. It also came with 3 sea creatures as well. It’s pretty sturdy. The pieces snap into place easily. No tools or batteries needed.

  4. Ashley Murray

    Very cute and well made play set. Comes with figures and accessories. Would recommend to a friend

  5. Mrs.Welch

    This was delivered yesterday – it’s a plain box but the contents do not disappoint. My 4 year old had a lot of fun playing with this toy. So much that my 7 year old joined in. It definitely hit the mark, even though I think it is overpriced for what it is. But, great for imaginative play.

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  6. Mel War 18

    I bought this for my grandson’s 4th birthday and he did love it but I was a bit disappointed in the quality of it for the price.

  7. Maria Tsaliki

    Good quality. The figures stay on for playing. Also used it at the beach. My son loves it. Highly recommend

  8. Joyce

    This set comes in a very pretty gift box – I sort of appreciate it a lot more than just transparent packaging. It makes it feel like an unboxing when you open it and adds to the element of anticipation. Of course it makes it extremely giftable, with it being packaged so nicely.This exclusive set comes with the Octopod, Gup A, Squeak, Tuniq, and Captain Barnacles. Some other smaller marine animals too, but only those 3 main characters from the show.Each piece is very well made, and it’s pretty cool to be able to play around with the Octopod. It’s a great set for your little Octonaut fan to have, and my toddler runs to grab it every time she watches the show!

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