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Halloween Earrings for Women – Halloween Jewelry for Girls – Middle Finger Earrings for Women – Halloween Earrings for Women

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  • 🕷️ This is an innovative great combination between Sensory Figit Stress Relief Toys for Special Needs Children and Halloween Trinkets for Kids.
  • 🎃 UpBrands 48 Pack Halloween Treats Non-Candy Zipper Bracelets Sensory Toy – an excellent kit for Halloween party decorations and Halloween gifts for kids’ birthday. They are a very popular party favors for kids hot bulk toys for Halloween treat bags or Halloween party supplies. Children will play with these plastic bracelets Halloween jewelry and will love to find them in Halloween goodie bags or Halloween bags for trick or treat.
  • 👻 They are perfect for Party Favors for Kids, Halloween classroom goodies, Halloween Theme Birthday Parties, School Classroom Rewards, Treasure Box, Carnival Prizes, Halloween Pinata Toys Filler, for fill up the Halloween gift basket and More. The design of these fidget toy bracelets helps to keep hands busy and de-stress by playing with. As other fidgets, UpBrands Halloween Zipper Bracelets are suitable for recreation, stress-relief, better focus, pressure reduction, or just for killing time.
  • 💀 A must-have along with all the bulk Halloween candy bags, stretchy skeletons for Halloween, balloons, trick or treat toys, Halloween glow sticks, Halloween cards, Halloween squishies, Halloween slime, Halloween cupcake toppers, and all Halloween treats for kids. Be the talk of the school and neighborhood with these Halloween kids’ Friendship Fidget Zipper Bracelets. These anxiety toys can be the giveaway of the day of your party!
  • 🕸️ Add to Cart Now! 100% – no matter what – Guarantee – 30 days money back – if you want to return your product. Any questions please feel free to contact us, we will deal with it within 24 hours. 100% satisfaction guarantee and friendly customer service. UpBrands Trick or Treat Fidget Zipper Bracelets Pack is selling in bulk, so they have an excellent unit price compared to similar toys sold in vending machines at rates of 1 dollar or more.
  • 👀 Make your Halloween party a compliment magnet. Get creative and use these bracelets as unique Halloween décor. Fashion them into cool centerpieces or have them dangling from fixtures around the house. Many people buy one order and enjoy the toys all year long for holidays, birthdays, and just for fun. Boys and Girls will just love these plastic bracelets.

Product Description

You will find in your UpBrands Trick or Treat Toys Zipper Bracelet Pack, 48 plastic zipper bracelets consisting of two different mixes of 2 bright and vivid colors as below:


  • Twenty-four ORANGE-BLACK bracelets with GREEN clasps and PURPLE zipper puller
  • Twenty-four PURPLE -GREEN bracelets with ORANGE clasps and BLACK zipper puller


Each Zipper Bracelet have one of the four Halloween symbols as a rubber pendant attached:


  • ORANGE Pumpkin
  • WHITE Ghost
  • BLACK Cat


Childhood, Friendship, Kindness, Quality and Toys… These characterize so well UpBrands Fidget Zipper Bracelet 48 Pack

friendship fidget zipper sensory autism bracelet party favors adhd stuffers prizes bulk gift school

You can use the UpBrands Fidget Zipper Bracelet Pack in many ways…

  • As Halloween birthday decorations for your kid’s Fall Theme Birthday Party. Just fill the Halloween pinata with UpBrands Zipper Bracelets and other small toys like stretchy skeletons Halloween or rubber lizards to start the Party!
  • As students’ Halloween Prizes in the classroom. They are such a simple gift for school purposes, as they are lovely for kids, such a quiet fidget at the same time. Teachers or the other kids will never be disturbed by noises, as other fidget toys do.
  • As fidget toys for ADHD or autistic anxiety kiddos or adults. The zippers will keep their hands busy, and the kids will be more attentive to the teacher or psychologist. These fidget toys can change your life!
  • As a beloved birthday Halloween gift. Kids will love to receive such a gift, and the bracelets will be the hit of the party. Children will share with others the zipper bracelets in Halloween Bags for Trick or Treat, and will learn that ”sharing is caring”.
  • As Halloween goodie bag fillers. Everyone will love to find such a fidget toy in the Halloween baskets for kids or Halloween treat bags for kids.
  • As non-candy Halloween treats. They are enough in every package for the treat-or-treats bags. The zipper bracelets will disappear firstly from your bowl 😉
  • As Halloween accessories for kids. Boys and girls will wear colorful bracelets proudly. They will aim to complete their Halloween costumes along with all Halloween rings or Halloween hair clips.
  • As Halloween necklace. Connecting two or more bracelets by clicking the clasp to another bracelet’s clasp, they will turn into a beautiful Halloween necklace or anklet.
  • As a surprise in Halloween trunk or treat kit. Zipper bracelets fit so well in every kind of plastic capsule or plastic egg. Your Halloween basket will be more attractive with the zipper bracelets inside these capsules.
  • As a Halloween Gift. Not just the children love the UpBrands Zipper Bracelets. Teens or adults will aim to wear UpBrands Halloween Bracelets and fidgeting when need a recreation, stress-relief, pressure reduction, or just for relaxing.
  • Find your own best way to use these Zippy Bracelets. Share them with everyone and share your thoughts about how you use UpBrands Fidget Toys Zipper Bracelets.


UpBrands Friendship Fidget Zipper Bracelet Set is a 48 Pack of joy and colors!

wrist zipper bracelet halloween easter christmas clasp valentines new year fidget adhd autism toys

Every zipper bracelet measures 7.5 inches, which is long enough even for adults.

UpBrands Halloween Fidget Toys Zipper Bracelet Set comes packed in a highly resistant zipper bag.

Your kids will be safe playing with these Halloween accessories. However, they contain small parts like zipper’s teeth or clasps, and kids under three years should not play with them.

Additional information

Weight 8.8 lbs
Dimensions 9.8 × 9.41 × 1.34 in

10 reviews for Halloween Earrings for Women – Halloween Jewelry for Girls – Middle Finger Earrings for Women – Halloween Earrings for Women

  1. Katie Jackson

    I give little “giftables “ to my coworkers for the holidays and wanted something different this year. This was it! They fit most adults, too!
    Colorful, fun and unique! Spot on!!

  2. Joseph W. Leppert

    These bracelets exceeded my expectations. They are beyond cute! The quality on these is top notch compared to toys in a similar price range. I ordered over 200 of them, and only 6 were damaged out of the entire bunch. (Two we were able to fix). They perfectly rounded out my Halloween giveaway bags for this year. I think they will be a big hit with the kids!

  3. CT

    We used these for our boo bags for my kids to deliver to their friends. They were a hit and everyone loved them. They were well made and had multiple different options included in the bag. Very happy with the purchase!

  4. Carol Farrell

    Great alternative for Halloween candy! The kids loved them and it fit my adult wrist but my wrist is on the smaller side. High quality product and none were broken or damaged.

  5. Jules Magoua

    Colorful, durable and entertaining bracelets for this Halloween season. Ability to interlock bracelets to create a mix & matching necklaces and bracelets. Adds hours of fun and creativity for the youngsters. Value pack at excellent price

  6. Tiffany

    These are really cute but rather small

  7. Chelsea Couch

    My son’s class is sure to love these! Didn’t want to send in pencils or stickers so here we are… Ordered these fidget bracelets and they are super cute! They are sturdy and you can zip 2? to 3 together to make a necklace. I think his class will enjoy these!

  8. Bridget dale

    These were used for Halloween treasure box and the kids were very excited over them. They were sturdy and a very good price for the count.

  9. Marquise

    party at out handing be Will

  10. evan glass

    Bought these for our annual Halloween carnival. Kids LOVED them and played multiple times to make necklaces out of them. Also great for our special kiddos (Autism kids loved them)

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