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Guinea Pig and her Hutch

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About this item

  • Guinea Pig and Her Hutch: The Perfect Home for Your Furry Friend
  • If you’re a proud owner of a guinea pig, then you want to provide the best possible home for your furry friend. A hutch is the perfect solution – it offers plenty of space for your pet to play and explore, while also providing a safe and secure environment.
  • Key Features:
    • Spacious design for plenty of room to play and explore
    • Safe and secure environment
    • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • So why wait? Get your guinea pig the perfect home it deserves with a top-quality hutch today!
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New from Little Live Pets, it’s Mama Surprise!

Mama Surprise takes caring for your pet to a whole new level. This soft, interactive Guinea Pig and her Hutch comes with a deluxe, interactive hutch. Care for Mama and when her heart glows, a baby is on the way! Place her inside her interactive hutch and wait patiently.

Discover a new-born guinea pig baby and a special care package. Care for Mama again and you will find new guinea pig babies to complete your adorable, guinea pig family!

This magical experience is repeatable, so that you can go through the surprise and delight of caring for Mama and discovering her babies, again and again.


  • 1 x Interactive Guinea Pig
  • 1 x Interactive Hutch
  • 1 x Hairbrush
  • 1 x Celery
  • 3 x Babies
  • 3 x Care Packs (Each with 2 x Accessories and 1x Birth Certificate)
  • 1 x Paper Nesting Material
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet

Just Like a Real Pet

Mama Surprise teaches children to care for and nurture their pet. Just like a real pet, you can look after your Guinea Pig and her Hutch by feeding, grooming and patting her.

Feed Her

Mama loves to snack on her delicious celery stick. Simply place it inside her mouth and listen as she makes cute feeding sounds.

Brush Her

Mama has long, beautiful and silky fur. Keep her fur clean and tidy with her brush. Mama will make happy sounds as you brush her.

Mama’s Heart Glows

When Mama receives enough love and attention, her heart will start glowing and she’ll let out a melody to let you know that a baby is about to arrive.

When Will The Baby Arrive?

When Mama’s heart starts glowing, she’s ready to be placed her inside the hutch. When Mama’s heart stops glowing and the hutch light turns off, a cute baby has arrived!

Discover 3 Surprise Babies!

Mama will magically have one surprise baby at a time. There are 3 adorable babies & surprises to discover.

Style Each Baby

Each adorable baby is delivered with its own special care package and surprise themed accessories, including rock ‘n’ roll, preppy and princess themed babies.

20+ Sounds and Reactions
Mama comes to life, just like a real Guinea Pig and her Hutch! Listen out for 20+ sounds and reactions as kids pat, feed, groom and interact with her in playful and nurturing ways.

Additional information

Weight 3.55 lbs
Dimensions 7.8 × 11.98 × 11.38 in

10 reviews for Guinea Pig and her Hutch

  1. Susan K.

    I purchased this for my granddaughter. She absolutely loves it!! Definitely would recommend it!!!

    One person found this helpful
  2. LRA

    I gave this as a gift to a 6 year old girl. She had a BLAST with it. Oh what excitement when Mama had babies! Parents…. DEFINITELY watch the video so you can set it up before giving it to the kids. That will make it so much easier than wading through the paper directions with your kids anxiously waiting to play with it.

    12 people found this helpful
  3. dccc99

    When I read about this toy I thought it was so odd. I was looking for a gift for my 4 year old niece who has everything. I thought this toy is so different, she can’t have this at home. She absolutely loves it!!! She carries the mom everywhere and keeps the babies in the cage. She would be so excited when the mom would “give birth” It has really kept her busy, The mama pig makes the sweetest sounds. My niece loves the mama pig more than the babies. I am thankful for this sweet toy.

    15 people found this helpful
  4. Amanda

    My daughter wanted this for her 7th birthday and at first we were like, what?! But we got it for her anyway and I’m so glad we did. She was so excited and the whole family got involved in waiting on the babies to come. We had to go to a soccer game so we left the hutch in the car and she announced to everyone that Lulu (what she named the mama) was in the car having a baby… so it definitely is a conversation starter!

    2 people found this helpful
  5. Amazon Customer

    My 3 year old nephew loves animals and was infatuated with some real Guinea pigs a friend has. I bought this for him so he would have his own “pet” to take care of. He loves it and takes the Guinea pig with him different places. His mother said she is impressed with all that the toy does. It’s a great toy for any kid that loves animals!

    4 people found this helpful
  6. Bronwyn Barrow

    What a wonderful toy!

    One person found this helpful
  7. Dianne Rountree

    Bought for 8 year old girls birthday. She adores it. Couldn’t wait for mama to have her babies! She’s named them all. Recommend for any child who loves animals.

  8. Eman ALhashem

    As Ads.. my daughter love it.

    One person found this helpful
  9. Tracy D.

    We love this and have so much fun waiting for the new babies. Sweet Mama has lots of cute sounds. Adorable.

    2 people found this helpful
  10. Debbie Dawson

    I bought this for my granddaughter’s Birthday. She is seven years old. She absolutely loved it. It appears to be very durable and I love how you can reprogram the cage to deliver the baby hamsters again. For what all this toy has to offer it was a great buy.

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