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Fit-Flex Adult Incontinence Underwear

SKU : Health-06

(10 customer reviews)


About this item

  • Depend Fit-Flex Maximum Absorbency Adult Incontinence Underwear with Dry Shield Technology, provides you all-day comfort, guaranteed*; Available in waist sizes (L: 35-43″)
  • Material absorbs immediately providing long lasting dryness and a more comfortable** experience, so you can go about your day worry-free
  • Form-fitting elastic strands for a smooth, discreet fit under clothing that are flexible to move with you, unlike bulky adult diapers
  • Unbelievably soft bladder incontinence underwear with odor control in a masculine grey color, and has a Sure Fit waistband for a comfortable underwear-like fit
  • 72 (2 packs of 36) disposable underwear; Depend adult incontinence products always ship in a discreet box; Packaging may vary from images shown; FSA/HSA-eligible in the U.S.
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Comfortable fit moves with you.

Extremely soft, yet strong, Depend Fit-Flex Men’s Incontinence Underwear keeps you protected from bladder leaks with DryShield Technology, providing you all day comfort, guaranteed.

Absorbent material

Instantly locks in wetness and odors, providing long lasting dryness and a more comfortable experience.

Designed with the SureFit waistband

Help keep it in place and form-fitting elastic strands to provide a discreet fit under clothing, unlike bulky adult diapers.
This disposable underwear is available in a masculine grey color. Unscented underwear is soft, quiet and breathable.

Depend FIT-FLEX for Men with Maximum Absorbency

Available in size large (35-43” waist).

Depend adult incontinence supplies always ship in a discreet box and are HSA/FSA-eligible in the U.S. Packaging may vary from images shown.

Additional information

Weight 9.25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in

10 reviews for Fit-Flex Adult Incontinence Underwear

  1. graph

    There is nothing wrong with the depends they are great but now I get them from the VA same type and fit . So I would like to stop ordering them as of today I took a screenshot of this message. Thank you very much.

    6 people found this helpful
  2. Chris young

    Comfortable, looks good too

  3. Penny Turman

    I never received this product and will never order from Newvave again. They sent the wrong tracking number that was for something going to ElPaso. I don’t live in El Paso. Love the product, not the seller.

    One person found this helpful
  4. PamInGA

    This is great, because it reduces the price per unit. It is the same authentic Depends brand sold in stores. They ship it in another box, which means more cardboard for the recycling bin, but also makes the package discreet.

    5 people found this helpful
  5. melanie young-stewart

    Just wish these worked better for poop

    One person found this helpful
  6. Scott Thomas

    Really works to keep incontinence from leaking on your skin or under garments.

  7. Islander Kaua’i

    I had medication side effects that increase my urination output and control. But they work well. But if they aren’t changed right away it may leak if walking or sitting. So when it’s enough change or risk leaks.

    6 people found this helpful
  8. Tim

    good product

  9. AuntsweetT

    So glad Amazon carry’s these type products! My fil is homebound. He wears these and as he is homebound he can’t go out and just get more when he runs out. So I have these on automatic ship 1x a month! Now he doesn’t have to worry about running out and what he will do if he did! They come monthly right on time!!!!

  10. Jim Lewis

    They fit me, are comfortable, and work.

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