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1400 sqft Halloween Spider Webs Decorations with 150 Extra Fake Spiders

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Color 1400 Sqft
Brand Zpisf
Theme Halloween
Item Dimensions LxWxH 10 x 9.4 x 2.6 inches
Light Color White
  • Perfect Halloween Party Decorations: Spider webs must be one of the simplest ways to add Halloween atmosphere to your haunted house or Halloween party. White spider web looks like real cobwebs, making your house looks like an abandoned cabin or your living room likes a creepy cellar.
  • More Spiders: Each pack comes with 150 extra fake spiders to give trick-or-treaters and party guests a fright! Scary and lifelike spiders will enhance the Halloween atmosphere. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
  • More Super Stretch Cobwebs: 420g (14.5 oz) Ultra-stretchable webs are enough to cover 1400 sq ft. of your house indoor & outdoor, weaving all over windows, walls, and furniture etc. Made of soft material, hand-knotted and durable, flexible to be pulled into any shapes you want, the more you stretch the spiderweb, the more realistic it looks. Easy to clean up and will not damage your furniture.
  • More Occasions to Use: More than any Halloween decoration outdoor or indoor, also perfect for masquerades, balls, costume parties, carnivals, Mardi Gras, class dramatic center, stage show, etc.
  • More Combinations: Don’t forget to combine with other Halloween party decorations such as Halloween skeleton, creepy cloth, Halloween pumpkin decoration, bloody print, etc. they will together be a big hit at any parties.

Product Description


Are you ready for decorating your house before the Halloween comes? Spider web is absolutely a necessity for Halloween parties, costume and trick or treat events.

  • Must-Have for Halloween Parties – Hanging these spine-tingling Halloween decorations is a must-have addition to your haunted house or Halloween party.
    Create the look of an old, musty spider-ridden space with these creepy stretch spiderwebs! Make your house looks like an abandoned cabin or your living
    room likes a creepy cellar. Set the perfect DIY Halloween photo booth scene!
  • Super Stretch and Durable Material – Made of soft material, super stretchable, easy to be pulled into any shapes you like, irregular shape makes it more like a real spider web,
    the more you stretch the spiderweb, the more realistic it looks. Fake spiders are easy to hang on cobweb with its strong load bearing, strong threads web also can withstand all-weather.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Decor – These spider web decorations stretch over mirrors, plants, chandeliers, tables, windows or anywhere to create an eerie atmosphere!
    Spooky webs also can be used for bars and other costume parties. Let’s go together for Halloween!


  • Color: White
  • Material: 420g (14.5 oz) Artificial PET
  • Package Content: 1 x Spider Web, 150 x Fake Spiders

Warnings: Keep away from any fire hazards, naked flames etc.

Additional information

Weight 11.3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9.4 × 2.6 in

10 reviews for 1400 sqft Halloween Spider Webs Decorations with 150 Extra Fake Spiders

  1. Mckenzie Brungardt

    Lots of web! Not a bad deal as it is nicer to just buy one big bag instead of a bunch of little ones.

  2. Marquise

    Stretches and thins “realistically”. Some webbing leaves obvious delineation points no matter how much you stretch it, this webbing stretches and breaks in a more organic way. It also covers a large surface. Great for the money and looks fabulous

  3. hadazabetsabe

    I have no idea what this stuff is made out of, but it’s amazing! It’s so realistic and is surprisingly durable. We get a lot of wind here, but as long as you pull it tight enough, this stuff isn’t going anywhere. It even stood up to my water sprinklers last night. It’s incredibly easy to use. I didn’t have to use any hooks or stakes, I just stretched it over the corners of my house and tree branches. I cannot recommend this stuff enough and will be buying this every year! Even the spiders that came with it are good quality. They aren’t cheap looking or flimsy at all and have hooks on the back even though you don’t really need those bc they just stick to it. My kids love it and all of our neighbors and ppl who drive by get a kick out of it.

  4. Tiffany

    I work with Sped kids. I’ve found with some, to bring out their confidence and personality, that they love to help me pull off pranks on my coworkers. This webbing worked so much better than what I bought from Lowes. It goes a long ways. I just used a small portion to do a coworkers office this week. We did almost the whole office with just 1/5 of the webbing. There are also lots of spiders with it.

  5. Carol Farrell

    Super easy to use and stretch! Seems durable too! I only needed half for my front windows, so I will save the rest for next year! Definitely going to make a tradition, and definitely recommend.

  6. Chris dAquin

    This thing is huge. So big that I ended up cutting it so I could put in different places. Worked perfectly. I even have enough left over for next year.

  7. A cannon

    this come like big sheet, not in a rope like thr walgreens or Walmart kind, but it has an amazing texture. Much better than the walgreens. Its more dense snd you can stretch it and stretch it and stretch it. I cut it in long strips to make it easy to use and the result was amazing

  8. Katie Jackson

    I was worried that the material would be cheap and rips when stretched. NOPE really good hold and stretch 🙂

  9. Honea family

    Looks like the real thing and easy to wrap around props and landscape 👍

  10. Chelsea Couch

    This webbing could have easily been stretched out further than I used them, but they were sturdy and had fibers that look like actual spider silk, rather than the typical fluff that could be passed off as faux snow for Christmas. This webbing was also great for shaping into spider egg sacks and sticking plastic spiders into which grabbed on well without adhesive. Definitely my new go-to for Halloween!

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